Sorry folks

This no longer works and hasn't for a while.

Easily remove fake twitter followers in bulk

Simply copy and paste the script into the Chrome or Firebug console, the script will guide you through the rest. Get started below.

Step 1:

Copy the following script to your clipbaord:

Step 2:

Open in a new tab.

Step 3:

Open up the Chrome console, paste the script, hit enter on your keyboard, and you'll be guided from there.

followers removed to date

What it's good for

This script is best at removing groups of fake followers, it was built for people that have 500 or more fake followers. So if you've purchased fake followers and have buyers remorse this will work great for you.

This script is less efficient at finding individual fake followers surrounded by real followers. For the average twitter user that has between 100 and 1000 followers, that hasn't purchased fake followers, you're results may not be as accurate. However, when you use the script it will highlight for you who it's going to remove before actually removing them, so go ahead and give it a shot anyways!

How to open the Chrome Console

On a mac, click on View > Developer > JavaScript Console:

After you click 'JavaScript Console', a textarea should appear and you should paste the FollowersBeGone script into it. This is what it should look like:

How it works

At a high level this works by scraping the followers page and collecting information about each of your followers (eg number of followers they have, number of people they are following, and the number of times they've tweeted). This information is then run through a very simple algorithm to decide if the user is fake or not.

Why not a bookmarklet?

Because Twitter blocks all bookmarklets (do you know a way around this? Let me know), the only way to run Javascript on is through the console which is most eaisly available through Chrome and the Firefox plugin Firebug.


All personal information is kept private, the only information that is tracked is the number of followers you delete, how many followers you had at the beginning, and how long it takes for you to finish. Collecting this data helps me improve the script.

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